[VIDEO] Abraham Hicks – About Controlling Vibrational Frequency

vibrational frequency bells

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Your emotions are relative to your desire. -Abraham Hicks

I thought to go non-conventional with this article by first posting a quote to start you off. I thought this quote was very relate-able and it comes from a video I have at the bottom of this post. Abraham Hicks is one of those sentient beings that is helping us as human beings get right with our vibrational frequency. As she says in the video, we are terrible at managing them.

And although I agree, I also know that conditioning from “past process” has something to do with it. Being mindful about this and seeing this process pop up often gives us the wiggle room to change that response. It is like the story of Indra’s net which talks about changing a process within the net, changes and alters the way in which things operate (even if only a little). so think of the human beings vibrational frequency as being the net and the change in response as being the change to the net that brings about transformation. This is part of what I learned and enjoyed in the video of Abraham Hicks below,

  • Avoiding the problem is not practical
  • You are responsible on what you see in your reality
  • How to higher your vibrational frequncy

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How I Made The Mountain Disappear

emptiness teaching mountaing

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I’ve been reading a lot of this book by Greg Goode and Tomas Sanders. It just came out and I have to say that I’m absolutely loving it. I’m about 20% done with it so far and have to say that finally our western mind is starting to convey the emptiness teaching of the east more clearly than ever. Greg and Tomas have done a really good job bringing the best of western minds that do talk about emptiness teaching to the forefront and articulate it in a way that well.. Make reality disappear and re-appear in the blink of a moment.

So what this book conveys that through our understanding of inherent existence and conventional existence are we able to let go of this seemingly sticky object of clinging which leads to suffering. It leads eventually to empty mind. So what I’m going to talk a little bit about today are,

  • What is emptiness teaching?
  • What are some of the benefits of emptiness teaching
  • How you too can make a mountain disappear.

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Life Is A Lesson On Letting Go

on letting go of anger

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There is an original article that I just released on my blog The Art of Emotional Alchemy that talks about how to let go of anger. And this is something that when we look at life in general and why we as human beings suffer is because we just simply have not been taught the best way of letting go. This often causes conflict/anger/suffering etc.

In my experience of this in my life I find that this theme arises over and over again in even simple every day experiences. This is because of my ideas of what life should be like in that moment, not what it actually is showing me. The  very subtle mental check-list that I put over reality that has  gone unattended for some time.

This is a mistake because we are always constantly changing; in a constant state of flux. Even our surroundings are changing. So what my original article talks about is,

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