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Below are the books that I’ve written and self-published. Please enjoy them and remember that these are my personal perspectives and what I’ve learned from direct experienced. I’m not a professional in any field and will continue to be a practitioner in life. If you reach a point in your practice that you feel you cannot handle mentally please seek a professionals help. I only have my journey and how I handled things, and how I overcame obstacles. The journey isn’t always easy, but the fruits of fruition are very sweet.

Emotional Alchemist – Purchase It Here

emotional alchemy

What Is Emotional Alchemy?

In a nutshell emotional alchemy is a way in which to radically change unconscious reactions into conscious responses. It is the freeing of limitations that we ourselves choose to believe in for a time. When we see them as no longer valid or preferential we can drop them completely or modify them so that they fall more closely in line with the way life actually is. I compiled a running definition of emotional alchemy on my other blog post here.

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