If only I could do this blog justice as to how the name came to be. It seemed to be more of a calling than anything that had manifested over last semesters college life. I was in a group for a class and we were asked to work as a group to come up for a group name.

Something hit me with Atomic Potential and so I made a tentative image for it, and now this blog is known as it is today, the meaning behind the name though…

Getting down to the very root of being an atom, the smallest component of an element, extremely small in fact, but still a heavy source of energy. So full of energy that on the planet earth large amounts of destruction have been manifested because its large energies that it gives off. However it is so full of life and energy that it allows such beauty to exist in the world as well, that it defies logical “common sense” like “the bigger, the better” etc. This is not the case in terms of the atom as it is free from these concepts.

This is how humans are, they can be this way, and thats where the Potential comes in, in the name of AP. It’s the fact that by realizing where you have come from that you have this massive amount of potential of wiping out those bonds we’ve placed on each other and ourselves, that things could drastically change at any moment through realization or awakening to our true being. We seem so small yet we are capable of so much, we are unaware, our body is filled with these atoms themselves, so we know that the massive potential is there, we just have to be aware that its there and to wake up to it.

Be the Light. Live the Light. Re-discover True Nature, Change the World.

One comment on “Meaning
  1. From a distance it is something; and nearby it is nothing….

    O tyrant love, when held by you, We may to prudence bid adieu….

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