About Me and Liberation

About the Me:

Here is where I’ll share with you the body of Nick Myers, and what concepts its come to pick up from its seemingly birth.

I’m 25 years old and my birthday is February 12th, 1987.

I’ve mingled through a various number of roles in what this life has entailed from easy going, to obnoxious, funny, stubborn, silly, and crazy would be some of the many states in which this character can be observed as. Mainly silly and funny and has a way with heightening the experience of other around at times, with a slight tinge of awkwardness.

I love to play videogames, board games,  read spiritual philosophy, and especially love blogging about a multitude of different subjects.

I love the smell and taste of tea, and will perfect tea and become a master of it. 🙂

The types of music that I listen to various greatly but some of my favorite bands are: Incubus, Sufjan Stevens, Andrew Bird, Miike Snow, Killswitch Engage, Goo Goo Dolls, and you can’t forget a little Minus the Bear on the side.

My favorite movies are Vanilla Sky and Favorite series as to be Supernatural.

That’s it for now, if you want to come to know me, lets become friends and make an experience out of it!

What is Liberation?

This blog speaks and will continue to speak volumes on this subject although there isn’t much really to be said. It’s the ability to see what you are and the ability to see reality and that it is all encompassing.

Liberation is the sight or re-discovery that you are not what you thought (literally all thought based things are not what you are, but false assumptions.) It is like waking up from a dream where one no longer worries about that life and its experience with the dream state. This waking state is the same thing full of concept, thought, and belief, creating facades and filters.

When those are seen through the dream ends and everything crumbles to nothing and you are left with what you had never forgotten. There is no me other than the reality of the thought of me, but the assumption that you are, is the illusion. This is what is called Zen and the Gateless Gate.

17 comments on “About Me and Liberation
  1. Liz Madsen says:

    Cheeky new look. Very nice. 😀

  2. Yeah – “cheeky”. It couldn’t be said better. I like it.

    Blessings to ya, Nick!

  3. Hi, nice to meet you !

  4. Hello, nice to meet you as well. 🙂

  5. chris says:

    Hello there Nick

    Nice to meet you! Found you over in Mike’s blog and I’m looking forward
    to reading and interacting with ya.


    Chris ( from Montreal)

  6. zenkitties says:

    Hey Chris!

    Glad of you to join me! This blog will probably need some re-working but it’s all good, make yourself at home and feel free to comment and enjoy any of the posts that i’ve done up until now…

    Hint though, the last two posts are going to be your most useful tool. 😉

    See Ya!


  7. Ricky Ferdon says:

    Awesome! Love the Enlightenment piece – have sent it to some friends on Facebook who are getting there =o)

  8. zenkitties says:

    Hey Ricky,

    thank you for the comment and the support, it is much appreciated! Getting there seems to be the hardest part.. until you’re there and realize that there was nowhere to get! hehe. 🙂

  9. thank you for sharing yourself with me!

  10. zenkitties says:


    thank you so much for stopping in, and it is my pleasure, its the least i can do. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask away! 🙂


  11. Robin Thomas says:

    Hey Nick,

    You are the youngest person i know who is making me more aware, its nice to read from you man and hopefully we will meet sOOn

    Bless ya

  12. zenkitties says:

    Hey Robbie,

    I’m glad that I’ve been along to help you on your way. If you ever have any questions (or need someone to talk to) feel free to shoot me an e-mail! I would love to hear from you!

    Namaste my friend!

  13. Abel says:

    Supernatural= very good show. I havnt been watching it lately though. Check out Burn Notice also a good show.

  14. zenkitties says:

    Never really got into Burn Notice.

    I do follow The Walking Dead, New Girl, GoT, and American Horror Story atm though. All Solid choices. 🙂

  15. Abel says:

    i watched walking dead until season 2, havn’t seen the latest episodes so far. I’m into Big Bang Theory 🙂 it’s pretty hilarious.

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