What does it take to see our boundless nature?

zen, life, and boundless nature

To reach boundless-ness, it seems as if it would be some monstrous task for many people. I use to think this way too, and although I won’t say that it isn’t easy at the start it is just like any other muscle in our body. To reach back to our natural being we must first look into the mechanics of the mind.

I think we can all agree that the mind is a very very powerful thing, and what fills or gets caught in this large net seems to collect over the bodies aging and project what it has chosen to attach to. These philosophies that have turned into, in my case Nick, have served us at some point or time which have helped us get through rough spots or helped us develop in some positive way. However the more that are collected, and the more stale they become, the more we get caught up in them and become un-aware of what damage they are doing to our overall state of being. Simple assumptions which we make on the daily and old ways of doing things leads to the monkey mind. It isn’t like the mind is doing this to sabotage a happy life, it wants to be settled just as much as the body wants to live. (and if you don’t believe me that the body wants to live, as Sadhguru says, “hold your mouth shut and close your nose for an amount of time and you will see that the body is saying that it wants to live!”). From what I can see, the mind just has no conscious direction to go in, because up until this point it has just been taking in anything and everything without actually taking time to see what works for it and what doesn’t, and if it doesn’t then it should be throwing those things away right?

So how do we see our boundless nature?

I think the first thing is that we see that the mind is not a master, it only possess a finite capability to handle life, but outside of its box, it cannot see nor respond to. We have given a lot of power to the mind, and it has great ways of dealing with life, but it is nothing more then a very handy tool in which can be used in a very masterful way if used consciously instead of the way we’ve been conditioned to use it. We can see that it is not that we think therefore we are but rather we exist therefore thinking happens. To exist is a very powerful force which is boundless, and thought doesn’t necessarily have to be there in order for response in life to happen. In fact when the feeling of joy comes, often times it is there even before the thought claims it as being joyful, for example watching a sunset or listening to the oceans tides on a beautiful day.

What it comes down to is the ability to see that all of those thoughts, and beliefs, live inside of their own respective boxes and that we are free to travel between each box at will (sometimes it isn’t easy but it is absolutely do-able or you wouldn’t of put yourself there in the first place). We are also free to accept or throw away old stagnant things that do not serve us any longer (again, not always easy) but know that you can be anything you want to be. If you truly want it, line yourself with life because chances are life wants this same thing for you. It may be hard work but often time the things that are best for us are not only hard work but also a great opportunity for us to grow physically, mentally, and spiritual along the way. It gives us the opportunity to see who we are with each next day that follows, our shortcomings so that we may fix them if we want, and our strengthen in which we may build on if we so desire.

You can literally be anything you want to be, so be the change you want to see. Turn that into you, so that you aren’t just trying to be the artist but be the best you that creates art that shows you inside and out. Is that not boundless-ness?

How do I clear negative thought?

Here is the method in which I use to clear out negative thoughts. Again deep breathing should be credited more then it gets. If you can learn to breath slowly, deeply, and through the stomach throughout the day to where it becomes your second nature, you won’t believe how much more healthier and better mentally you’ll feel. All that needs to be done is to catch yourself breathing through your chest because chances are, if negative is going on, you’re not only breathing through your chest (which causes other bodily tensions) but you’re focusing too much on thought and its taking over your present reality. So to see that the thought is doing this is important, and this is what I call being mindful of thought. 

Bring yourself back instead to being mindful of deep stomach breathing and re-orchestrate your body to pay attention to how gentle this breathing actually is with it’s in breath, the pause between, then the out breath and the pause between. The circle starts all over again and you do this as many times as you need to until you began to gain control of your present reality. (whats actually going on.) I also like to imagine that with each deep stomach in breath that this abundance of oxygen is filling every cell of my body, energizing it and ramping up the bodies vibrational frequencies which gives rise to positive feelings as well.

I imagine this because this is what unconsciously happens to runners when they are running. Their bodies are taking in more oxygen and if they are breathing correctly their blood stream is getting an abundance of oxygen therefore giving them a runners high. This can be achieved without running and through just deep breathing. Try it!


Nick Myers, a 28 year old serial blogger. Also minimalist, zen participant, philosopher, author of Emotional Alchemist, and tea disciple. I am one who sees a potential lesson in every experience in life. Life is who we are and life is our ultimate guru. I seek to bring us together through our own shared experiences. And hope to not only learn deeply who I am but to learn deeply who others are by dropping my ideas from moment to moment about you.

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