Rushing River Analogy of Truth

These analogies are what trying to show another human being what reality or truth is (these are the same thing):

(mental fabric) Crossing the River Analogy:

There exists a river. On one side it appears to be dangerous and rushing. On the other it is a calm, beautiful stream.

We yell from the calm side for you to simply cross over, but your fear of the river sweeping you away makes you resist.

The river represents life and the people yelling represents philosophies and idea’s, trying to explain what you cannot see or feel.

But no matter what it’s still just a river.

(zenkitties) Jump the Puddle Analogy:

From the vantage point of the seeker,

The river seems like it is a far ravenous distance.

From the other sides vantage point though,

It is seen that it is but a 2 foot jump to the other side.

If only the seeker would have a little faith as to make the jump

to see that the distance is not what it appears to be.

In this case, there is no difference from what I see to what another may see, it is only the others vantage point that makes it seem like its worlds apart.

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2 comments on “Rushing River Analogy of Truth
  1. Yep . . that’s what it’s like, for sure, well put ZenKittie . .

  2. zenkitties says:

    thanks Doug for visiting!

    It is much appreciated, I’m glad to try and work out the mechanics of it now (i accidently typed mow like meow in the beginning haha) to try and make the message as potent as possible without being misleading. It seems to be difficult when putting into words to drop everything, even the concept of themselves.

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