Truth-Realization: Where is our reality

So the reading of Jed Mckenna continues, I’m currently reading the first book of his collection Spiritual Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing and this story that he puts on in his books are nothing like i’ve ever read before. It talks about the difference between what people think to be enlightenment and what it actually is. He refers to it as truth-realization, as opposed to being an elevated being. The only way that i can describe truth-realization is that it’s whats considered to be the supreme state but this doesn’t mean that everything becomes flowery, but rather the body that is operated by this truth that you are becomes a vehicle of rightness. This is not the rightness that we have come to know either, what we have come to know as rightness is morality and kindness, but true rightness I do not know outside of what Jed Mckenna describes as being the flow of a river, the action that coincides with the universe, which isn’t necessarily non-war esque. If things call for it, it might happen or might be averted depending on which way the flow of the pattern goes.

The First Step as Jed puts it, is the first and the last step to opening yourself up to truth-realization, which then becomes a war against the false, and could quiet possibly be a very painful process. All these ideas, concepts, and beliefs must be annihilated, it is like these things are in an attic and you’re trying to clean the attack but you can’t just move these attachments around to let in light, because no matter what you do, the light will never get in, so the quickest way to light is to burn everything in the attic down. This process is described by Jed as Spiritual Autolysis; taking everything you’ve come to know as truth and looking deep into it, seeing whether it’s true. The easiest way to take the first step is:

Sit Down, Shut up, Find out what is true – Jed Mckenna

It’s about absolutely breaking down even the smallest assumptions that hold up the bigger beliefs to break them down, until you know the truth, and chances are you will come to find that you know nothing of which you thought you knew… This is what they say when they say, “cost of truth is everything.”

Through this I’ve come to see that how can this reality possibly be real, not even the sun has a realness to me, as much as I would want to argue for it for i can see it, what about to a blind man? He sees not the sun but feels it’s rays, he feels the presence, but that is all that there is so to argue that because i can see the sun that it exists can’t be true because for the blind man, he does not see but feels it, but how can we even say that we feel this, who is feeling it, and where is the presence coming from? We can say that the feeling hits the skin, but then locating the feeling is a bit more difficult, you cannot pinpoint where the feeling is coming from…. It’s like having a stomach ache, but looking deeper at this ache, it doesn’t actually reside in the stomach, in fact i don’t actually know where the feeling resides because I could feel it in the mind too but then where is the mind?

So before i started rambling i was talking about my own reality and how i don’t see how i am any more real then a character from the dream state, how can I convince myself that I am any different anymore. Regardless of dream state or “waking state” both feel, see, experience things, and all in the context of what I ultimately am.

In the Tao is refers to man as a straw dog, which refers to man being there, but it is a shadow of what we ultimately are. Nisargardatta describes our reality is being not what we perceive ourselves to be. Even Jesus is constantly telling his followers to get away from the me because it isn’t about the persona and that the “kingdom is within us.”

The Truth is there, and I am this Truth, but realizing it through knowing over intellectually seems like it’s about to begin or is already in the begining-ness.

Til next time, cheers.


Nick Myers, a 28 year old serial blogger. Also minimalist, zen participant, philosopher, author of Emotional Alchemist, and tea disciple. I am one who sees a potential lesson in every experience in life. Life is who we are and life is our ultimate guru. I seek to bring us together through our own shared experiences. And hope to not only learn deeply who I am but to learn deeply who others are by dropping my ideas from moment to moment about you.

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6 comments on “Truth-Realization: Where is our reality
  1. Nice, and fascinating – I say the same thing in my book, describing this process “toward” enlightenment and enlightenment itself. It is not, and has never been, anything but easy. This does not downplay the existence of enlightened beings, but does expose the Western attitudes towards the unknown, essentially making this unknown virtually unattainable. Ya’ gotta be special to be “one with god,” like Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, etc. Even so, the most famous and notorious of our historical prophets would tell us any of us can do this – and IT IS EASY.

    Happy reading, Nick!

  2. msayers says:

    Does this make you want to go back and re-read SIE? Wait to you get to the third book. Oh, and get that Dutch Treat, too. That one really messes you up. But wait until you read all the Jed books. Or not. Hell, it doesn’t matter. You can’t screw this up, man.


  3. @Pete,

    I agree, it seems incredibly easy, with the exception that whether you actually want it or not. The being enlightened part doesn’t discount that the personal experience will no longer suffer or feel pain or what have you but you’ll know the truth, and see things as they are and would be able to appreciate everything in its right place. Jesus had said that even the people could move mountains if only they had an ounce of faith, maybe he was referring to them dropping all their ideas about what they think they were and just having faith in the fact that they weren’t so personas but the pervading thing that we all are.

    @Mike: It definitely makes me want to go back and read SIE!! It makes a lot more sense now with the characters at least. I can’t even wait to read the third book, and I’m now almost done with the first book. His writing is definitely something to be cherished. If there were 5 books I was forced to take and leave the rest, at least one of his books would definitely be taken with me.

  4. Pete Madstone says:

    Hi Nate – Excellent points, and enjoyable to witness. Sometimes it seems to me that the more you want it, the more difficult this might be to “attain” – this may be due to the fact that we arlready “ARE.”

    As far as our human conditions go (physical or emotional difficulities, happyness’, joys, challenges and successes), it is said that all things are as they are. E.G. –

    Before enlightnement – chop wood, haul water.

    After enlightenment – chop wood, haul water.

    Of course, these thiings we know are all based on ancient teachings, and if a species “evolves” it’s outlook (knowledge and understanding) also evolves.

    Thus, I would say that things for the human species, as it evolves, would need to change its perspective form the above to this –

    Before enlightnement – chop wood, haul water.

    After enlightenment – chop water, haul wood.

    for there is a definite and essential (read, “of the essence”) change in the way things are perceived by an individual who has placed themselves (or been placed) in this intangible and not understood reality.

    Thanks for your posting, thoughts and this thread!


  5. Pete:

    I also am thankful for this threads birth, it brings a lot of interesting thoughts and insights to the surface. From what I can see it seems that the persona seems to evolve over time based on it’s ideas and beliefs, however whatever we are doesn’t necessarily evolve as much as it is re-discovering its true nature, so because of this new things take precedence based on what it has shown itself. Because the falseness of the persona is dropping off, it seems as if something is evolving but really the nature of it is just shining through.

    Also, there could be the change seen that I would chop water, and haul wood by the end of the unraveling, who knows really? If that was the best action for the moment, then this would be done.

    In regards to the more wanting, the less getting, it seems logical for this, because the more it is wanted, the more it becomes the “idea” which dictates the false, and it isn’t like the truth is hiding, it’s right in front of our faces but that it seems the falseness of wanting what we already have is adding dirt to our mirrors (we are a mirror and false is the dirt). So it would be rightly so that the truth would then be less visible because of our allowance of the false to be part of “our” truth, not THE truth.

    Good stuff!

  6. Ahhh, the “unraveling” ;D

    The strange, convoluted and progressive nature of a being who believes s/he lives in time. Yes, it IS our beliefs that govern us, and being these are not only mind-generated but are stored by repetition in the semi-fixed hiways and byways of our “physical” brain, it is by thinking (a most bizarre activity) about these thoughts/beliefs that we are able to change them, and thus the world around us – the world that we perceive.

    The peeling away of the onion can bring certain odors with it (cleaning one’s mirror). Then it is, as you say, an ALLOWANCE. This generally is what the western mind would call grace, I guess, but it is something that we must give ourselves.

    Maybe we could water wood and haul chop!

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