The Body Will React to a Simple Thought.

There have been a couple things on my mind lately, mostly to do with observation of thought. I have slowly been looking at the thoughts coming in and it’s astounding to see that any little thought can be linked with a barrage with emotions based on the previous circumstances in which the thought was engaged in… let’s give an example, say a certain thought it provoked and the person who goes through with the thought has a bad outcome, so every time that thought comes up, a feeling that is negative comes up, and because of this negative feeling, the body will react a certain way. Usually there is a tensing of muscle, because to the body it doesn’t matter when it is reality or not, it just reacts to what the thought is grasping onto. I can suspect this is why in a nightmare a person may feel terror or may wake up with a jolt due to dream state activity.

This however can be avoided, and at first it will probably seem like a chore, because neither you nor the meat suit you’re in is used to the change in behavior, its like going against the flow of a river because the body has been reacting for a certain way for so long it thinks the only reaction is to go against the current… So even if you begin to re-orchestrate to go WITH the flow of the river, it still feels like you’re going against the flow of the river that is you.

Lighten Up

Also something recently peeked my curiosity, as I was talking to my brother who is a personal trainer was discussing with me about muscle memory and how getting into a correct groove takes 3000 (or something ridiculous like that) to begin to get out of a bad habit, but only 300 times the wrong way to get into the bad habit. So in order to erase the bad habit you would have to do the repetition 3300 times (i really hope that makes sense :P). This is to erase the habit that was not correct to the muscle memory and then to create the muscle memory for the correct form. So if this is the case with the body, then why wouldn’t this work for the mind, re-orchestrating the mind, because the first initial reaction is to be defensive in those beliefs that have been ingrained in the mind. What if though, one were to practice the correct thought (when i say correct, i mean up to the point of moving you to be able to go beyond thought.) I’m wondering if this would work… I guess this would be a slightly rigorous way of going about it, instead of just allowing things to flow through (some people find this extremely difficult including myself at points of thought). It seems like any other meditation technique though, this is also probably where those ghastly books like the secret sprang out of.

So i’ve practiced some ways of seeing things rather than to reacting to things, this does not mean that emotion and action halt… this is not so, the body will still react to a situation, but with a little focus the body gets the point, and thus begins to become “lighter.” If this is what it is to be En”light”ened, I don’t really see anything other than the only reason this word was created was to point that the body, and mind become light, as in their most natural state. Jed McKenna refers to this as Higher Self, which is still a state of consciousness inside of the Supreme State which he also mentions. Supreme State seems to be the highest state in which everything is encompassed inside. Anyway here are some techniques i’ve come across that seem to of helped me:

Ways of Focus

  • When there is incoming thought, rather that react to it immediately see, what emotions are attached to it and why. Realize that even emotions are thoughts clinging to the first initial thought and that those emotions cause the body to react.
  • Because the body will react to this, see which body parts begin to react, through seeing, there will slowly be a release of tension, first it may involve some effort to relax it, but after awhile it begins to come natural. I have noticed the most noticable areas are forehead, throat, feet (driving), and hands. If driving long distances be aware of shoulders and back.
  • Just before sleep, merely watch thought, but do not react; pay attention to the body and try not to move if you can help it. non-movement of body promotes stillness in mind. This will allow you to focus on what is, darkness and silence.
  • Upon waking up, see that you are before thought starts, if only for a moment you have made progress.
  • When doing daily activities, whether its driving or walk, stay here/now as much as possibly, if you catch yourself drifting into thought, slowly pull yourself back and enjoy what is right now, be thankful that you have caught yourself, this is a big step, being aware that it is happening is a good thing.
  • Finally one of those old old Zen things to bring about calmness or stillness, which you can do at any point to stay here and now is to see the breathe going in and out, but not only see it, feel it, hear it, taste it, be it. That or you can try figuring out a koan such as the sound of grass growing.

Wrap it up

I don’t usually write articles like this, and I certainty wasn’t intending to today but I guess this is how it turned out from my observations. It just goes to show that whatever way thought manifests, its going to do it regardless of whether you force or just flow. If you guys have any questions or comments or shared experience, please do, I always enjoy reading and sharing!


Nick Myers, a 28 year old serial blogger. Also minimalist, zen participant, philosopher, author of Emotional Alchemist, and tea disciple. I am one who sees a potential lesson in every experience in life. Life is who we are and life is our ultimate guru. I seek to bring us together through our own shared experiences. And hope to not only learn deeply who I am but to learn deeply who others are by dropping my ideas from moment to moment about you.

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