The Master and the Disciple : No Separation

I’ve been having some talks over on Mikes blog of goodness and the thought of disciple and master came into thought lately. I would have to say that I’ve been quiet humbled, that there is a point that gathering of information can leave one to believe that they know something that others don’t although this is never the case. Only through subjective points of view does that separate-ness appear. So I have been humbled in seeing that What i think I know, I do not actually know and through all of this the idea of disciple and master came abruptly into this awareness…

The thought is that the there is no separation between the two, the master and disciple are not two but are one and the same, the only appearance is so that the disciple may come to the conclusion on his own that he was never a disciple and he was never the master but they were both the same one-ness just different manifestations of the same truth. It is as Truth is allowing itself to show itself off to itself… or as I like to call it, Love abiding in Love… Just so we’re clear, Truth and Love are one and the same… it is coming to see itself and just because there is an appearing difference it is not separate….

Also Something also brought this thought of one-ness to the forefront, just at seeing the title of one Lunes recent posts allowed it to be recognized that energy does indeed never die… that it has always been, even when the body dies that energy doesn’t just exhaust itself… It still is, always is, always has been, it is not subject to bodily death (or any kind of death for that matter). I see energy as just another word for the many expressions of what is pointing to who we actually are… It goes by tons of words but there is no separation between them, their essence is the same. It is the One (or the No-Self). Even this is a pointer… in a sense…

So how does this lead into Disciple/Master?

Answer is….? I don’t know, but what I want to get out is that we never really go on teaching anything to anyone, because who is there ever to teach, if there is no separation, then you aren’t really teaching anything to anyone, whether you want to believe you are or not, you are not the doer of this. The teacher does not do anything to the disciples understanding, the student comes to his understanding on his own (this is all perceived of course), although it only seems to just happen. The teaching just seems to happen and the understanding then seems to happen, but nothing dictates that there ever has to be one telling another what to do and the other understanding, although it often does occur this way, there is no way to say that it has happened because it was transmitted from one human being to another. There are plenty of cases that can easily show that it is infact not that way at all in which one comes to understanding without a “teacher”…

Simply put the master and the disciple do not exist, they are only bother manifestations of the same essence, the same Truth that you ARE. You don’t have the truth to teach, You ARE the truth, so what is to be taught? It does not matter whether you believe this or not, it doesn’t make the Truth go away, it is like the clouds that fill the sky, the sky may not be visible because the clouds have filled your perceptions but that does not mean that the sky is not there. The clouds will die, move on, do what cloudness does and the sky will still be there.

So why even teach at all?

That’s a good question! Why teach at all… I don’t know! Teaching just happens (as i suspect Suzanne might say that she wouldn’t know why she talks on what she talks about but she does it because it just happens) There is really no reason for it, there is no motivation behind it, no reason to do so, but it happens. It is delightful either way, whether teaching happens or does not happen.

You can see adyashanti does not know why he does his satsangs or why the master talks other than Love abiding in Love. To show that there is no separateness, there never has been. I can only suspect that it happens out of the Love of truth to find out what itself is.

Subjective Mind:

This has been a tough one, to drop subjective truth and to see that not only my own thought (which is not ‘mine’) is no more right then anyone else. In fact this thought and that thought are actually all wrong view, they are manifestations of the truth but they are not the truth. However this does not make the assumption that they are separate from the truth, they are within the truth… so they cannot be seperate but they are not in totality the truth and never be, but they are great pointers to see truth, one just has to know that there is no separation and to be receptive to Truth that is beyond all subjectivity. Without dropping the subject/object idea of truth, truth will not flood in, in the slightest, but the second you drop that barrier, I would suspect it would flood in freely.

..So the Ramble Stops Here..


Nick Myers, a 28 year old serial blogger. Also minimalist, zen participant, philosopher, author of Emotional Alchemist, and tea disciple. I am one who sees a potential lesson in every experience in life. Life is who we are and life is our ultimate guru. I seek to bring us together through our own shared experiences. And hope to not only learn deeply who I am but to learn deeply who others are by dropping my ideas from moment to moment about you.

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4 comments on “The Master and the Disciple : No Separation
  1. msayers says:

    Whew! Went deep, did ya? I ranted about teaching and what’s the point if you’ve realized before. Which kind of makes me skeptical of the “teachers” that are out there. If they’ve realized the truth, which is supposed to be that everything is one, then what point is there in even opening your mouth anymore? Who would you teach, and why?

    Then again, maybe somebody sees that you’re enlightened and wants to know about it and asks some questions. Why wouldn’t you answer? Silly game, but it’s what happens I guess.

    Great post Nick! Merry Christmas, if I don’t “talk” to you between now and then (the now that will be now then… dig?).

  2. Suzanne says:

    No one to teach…nothing to teach them.

  3. Fromnowtozen says:

    thank you for this post. perfect for my day. perfect.

  4. @Mike, hey mike, pleasure to see you here as always, and its a agreed, what makes us talk at all? I could probably come up with a thousand and one reasons but all of them would be silly, I really don’t know besides the ol, I don’t know why i do it, it just happens haha

    I definitely agree that why not answer the questions, if someones looking for a silly answer then they’ll definitely get one from me 😉 The game is very enjoyable to be watched nonetheless!

    @Suzanne, There you are! Thanks for visiting! ❤

    @fromnowtozen, you betcha buddy! Have a good one. 🙂

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