Maya: Your World is Illusion

The more I sit with this concept the more it reveals for me… and this started to subside more recently through some events in life that have come up. They aren’t even exactly related to this personality but it seems that it effects everything all the same, or doesn’t effect it at all… On the surface it seems to affect many people, but really it is like the weed that you pull and over time it just comes back….

The only way to get rid of the weed is to pull it out by the root… In this case this is the person questioning. If you take the questioner out of the equation, where does the problem ever arrive… but I digress… this is about the world being an illusion.

It seems that each individual makes the first mistake of believing that there is a separation between them and the next person, and this is because appearances in there own to the mind are very deceiving. You see a tree, a rock, a car, and they are… welll… a tree, a rock, and a car, but there is no difference in what they actually are then to what you are. Nothing said that non-separation meant that everything was to be the exact same thing, which is why there are such beautiful things in the world, and well what seems to be not so beautiful things in the world.

There also seems to be a point to make about this, the appearance of duality or bad and good… These are maya, they are illusion. Because of this thought arising that separation exists, then the thought that something is either good or bad comes in, programmed at a very early age as a mechanism in the body to react a certain way based on the bodies living circumstance. Everything however, is just like different layers of an onion, they get caked on, and soon we no longer see our True Nature, we only see what has been programmed into the mind. So instead of seeing a flower as well… a flower, truly seeing it for what it is, we categorize it as being beautiful, or having a pleasant scent, etc.

This can be seen in other people as well… based on what we are taught we will see someone a certain way, it’s absolutely the wrong way most of the time, we see them according to how we want to see them based on our ideals, concepts, beliefs….You don’t need to believe me but to just observe yourself next time you go out and look at someone or anything.. You impose your whole personal belief, concept system on anything you see. When this happens, you no longer see What they are, or Who you are. They are only reflections of yourself, you were never separate from them. But we will go on missing because we have all these concepts and beliefs and personal perceptions, so to cut the weed at the root, we have to cut the questioner out, which is the root. Who is the one resisting this thing from being what it is…? or who is the one that is resisting, or rather, what is resisting this right now inside. You’ll find it is not actually you who is resisting but the belief of something that is resisting it

Drop them… just drop the beliefs, concepts, and perceptions.. yeah yeah, i know, easier said than done right? If you try and go ahead and do that you’ll run into a wall of fear saying, how can I do that, I will be nothing if I did that… That’s quite right, that’s what you’ve always been, you are Emptiness. However you are not the word emptiness… no no no… I wouldn’t want you to believe that, you are that which is absolutely beyond emptiness, a void.. and through that void, you are everything within. The identity will be dropped on its own accord once it realized deep down that it was never those things it took itself to be, so there is no need to worry.

This may constitute as a death, there will be an element of death to it, because everything that you’ve come to know about yourself will totally change, it is no longer of the world, it may still be in the world but not of the world that you once considered to be your world. Who is the one possessing that world? It is not you, that is in you… you are creating it with the mind, and it can be abolished just the same. Then something more beautiful flowers… What You actually are is clear and is in a happening. I say happening because it was never not happening… and it will not start to happen.. that would imply that it wasn’t happening at one point but now it is… This Nature that you are, has always been happening, it transcends any definition given to it. Timeless and Eternal…

So to sum things up, you view the world in your own personal bubble do to concepts, beliefs, perceptions, and therefore separation begins. You see things differently then other people because you begin to grasp this separation. But when you realize that you are in fact not separate, you are not these beliefs, perceptions, and concepts that, what you actually are is nothing… Complete Emptiness, but again this is a pointer, you are everything within that nothing. All you have to do is become aware of those thoughts, beliefs, and concepts, and see that they are not you who are those, but they are what they are… thoughts…

I just want to finish with this:

-Do not believe me, what is said comes from this personality to try point you towards the truth. See it for yourself, the Truth does not need to stand on a crutch to be Truth. The Truth is Truth
-Do not believe yourself, just because the thought seems to be localized as a personal thing, look at it closely, like a scientist looking at a virus under a microscope.
-Do not believe anyone else, their stories are just as unreal as yours or mine are… You can only know the truth by coming to know yourself.


Nick Myers, a 28 year old serial blogger. Also minimalist, zen participant, philosopher, author of Emotional Alchemist, and tea disciple. I am one who sees a potential lesson in every experience in life. Life is who we are and life is our ultimate guru. I seek to bring us together through our own shared experiences. And hope to not only learn deeply who I am but to learn deeply who others are by dropping my ideas from moment to moment about you.

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4 comments on “Maya: Your World is Illusion
  1. msayers says:

    And you are in your illusion of the last week of school. 🙂

    Now you have to pretend to work, huh?

    I love that last “rule”. Ultimately, it always comes down to you, doesn’t it? There is nobody else, and you can’t prove that either. Ha! All a big joke. Nice post Nick.

  2. Hey mike,

    yes, totally in the illusion that there is someone doing finals, going through the motions etc. Tons of, this is the way this should be, that should be, and this is the way something is presented. It is fun watching all the little quirks travel in and out of consciousness.

    even gaining a bit of a love interest, i get to see things come up and drift off, and someone trying to maintain some kind of integrity haha. I’ve had to give 3 oral presentations in the past 3 weeks, so i also got to experience in which ways anxiety works on the body even though i know those feelings are not who i am, doesn’t stop them from happening on the body.

    It really is all just a big cosmic joke, i love it, because I’ve come to realize that no personal reality is real reality except for well… reality itself. What we are is what is, and just seeing that makes things a lot easier to manage, nothing is really a problem, its that we make obstacles for ourself, we try and distinguish and separate ourselves as if it would mean something more if that were the case, but its the total opposite…

    I can’t wait to release another post I’ve done but i have that strategically set up to come a bit later, thanks Mike for posting, I always love your input (or our input because we aren’t separate right? :P)

  3. Chrisitne says:

    “You’ll find it is not actually you who is resisting but the belief of something that is resisting it”

    So true! Speaking of school from your last comment, I can’t think of anything that would stress me out more, especially giving presentations. 🙂

  4. Hey christine!

    It is often seen as being very stressful for me at times… I’ve experimented with it too, and i found that being attached to the feeling makes it feel a lot worse haha… this semester hasn’t been bad at all though, I’ve found the more I just flow with the feeling thats there and what needs to be done, that everything will happen in its own accord. So the presentations actually were pretty pleasant although the anxiety was definitely there, and the body did whatever it was going to do, but the words seemed to come out like they had been planned the whole time without planning at all. I saw that when i tried to prepare more, the more anxiety was fealt and the more i just left up to whatever was there, the easier it was to actually speak.

    Also i do feel you greatly with the oral presentation stress, it is actually one of my weak points, its hard to speak in front of others just in general so that’s something i’ve been trying to push myself into more! 🙂

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