Suffering Suffers, You Do Not.

It seems to be one of the major concerns of people, and different things may or may not seem to cause this calamity on the individual. However, I don’t see it as being anything more than something phenomenal. Infact I don’t see it coming from any external source at all.. but rather coming from yourself. There seems to be a lack of responsibility that comes with suffering, that one may point the finger at another and then exclaim, “you have done this to me.” What has that person really done though? They have reacted in a certain way, but what have you done, and that needs to be inquired about, to be looked at closer.

Is it not the fact that you have a set filter on, based on things that have been accumulated over time that you have taken to be your own? Have you not unawares to you, attached yourself to those ideals and then allowed those ideals to become defensive over the reaction of the other, someone who is not seperate from you. It arises out of unawareness, and this is very helpful because it is pointing out that there is the opposition, that had you not had that opposition you would not be witholding happiness from yourself. Just think about another situation in which another person in your same shoes may not have this thought that you have and so does not affect them in the slightest. So then it comes down to you not taking responsibility for your own unawareness, which is why you are angry, anxious, sad, conflicted. Of course the intellectual mind will make a logical explanation, it always can, but what says you have to trust that explanation, just because you believe yourself to be the mind doesn’t mean you have to trust it anymore than anything else that is gathering information.

Suffering comes from within yourself, nothing else causes it but your own williningness to suffer. It is not you who is suffering but you who is taking part in suffering. If you were truly angry or anguish, then when the anger was gone you would no longer exist, yet when it is gone, you still remain, how peculiar isn’t it, that it would work out that way. You have agreed to withhold your own happiness, no matter how much you want to believe someone else has brought a calamity on you, you have the choice to accept it as “bad” or to accept it as it is, take it in stride, see where it leads you and then let it go.

You have not suffered however, what you truly are, has not suffered, there is the experience of suffering itself, and because we attach ourselves to the experience of suffering, that it has this feeling of realness. However what you are, can observe this taking place, infact not only can you observe it but you can also watch before the feeling even happens. I will attempt to create a technique in which it can be seen


Be mindful: not in the sense of intellect. I guess it would be better adressed as being in a wakeful state in the present. You will be aware that you can observe the bodies actions, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, concepts, etc. Just watch the next time you have a conversation with someone else, there will be times where something will happen whether it be a, “Oh I don’t agree with this.” or “That is bad” or “That is good.” Watch this happening, there is actually no power in the actual thought until the point at which you start believing it to be true.


Observe: As the thought appears watch the feeling inside of the body take shape, usually a good or bad feeling towards a subject being talked about. Whether its a good or bad feeling, neither one does harm, until the point at which the mind attaches itself to it. So by watching it, there is no need to attach to that feeling, it merely happens, and you are witnessing this happening. It will pass if there is nothing done about it, but however if it is resisted, it will become stronger because at the point of resistence there is attachment. There is no need to resist the thought and feeling, there is nothing wrong in either. Now that you are aware of what is happening inside, the reaction will lose its meaning


Learn: It is not learning in its traditional sense, because what you are, you have never lost. So how can someone learn something that they have never forgotten? These things are phenomenal, they begin and they end, but you are beginingless.

What is being said is that suffering is only a state of the finite. It comes and it goes based on attachments to things that were never yours to begin with, mere information, that hold no base to them. This is why they need logic to hold them up, because they are not truth. If they were Truth, they would need not words for a crutch, but because they are words, they are only built from the intellect and will crumble.  Suffering is a product of these concepts, or alternate view points. Every alternate viewpoint is an assertion of seperateness, there is no “correct” view point except for Right View… and you will not come across Right View until you have realized that what you currently have is wrong view, that every concept (or view) is just as equally wrong or meaninginless.) However in this meaninglessness it is very meaningful, for without being able to see the meaninglessness in it all, you will never become receptive to Right View and break away from attachment and thus break away from suffering.

Finally take responsibility:

You have been attributing your calamities so long to other forces outside yourself, that you add to your seperateness from God (Universe, One, Emptiness, Love, etc.) You may give all your credit to artificial fantasies like Satan, which is a reality for you because you give him so much credit but this is not the case. That evil only exists because you have created it for yourself… its nothing but an illusion of reality on your part, so there is really no need for it any longer. Nothing is causing the suffering but yourself, you have chose to take that path, have reacted in such a way that the outcome was not to your liking, and because of this you are unsatisfied with the results that you thought you would get but did not. This again turns back around the beliefs that are held by that mind… do you see how this works?  The mind works in a circular logic, but we don’t see it because we trust it so blindly. However there is nothing wrong in the mind, because it is both important and unimportant (it is awake and un-awake at the same time)

Awareness, Awareness, Awareness, means Awareness… WAKE UP!


Nick Myers, a 28 year old serial blogger. Also minimalist, zen participant, philosopher, author of Emotional Alchemist, and tea disciple. I am one who sees a potential lesson in every experience in life. Life is who we are and life is our ultimate guru. I seek to bring us together through our own shared experiences. And hope to not only learn deeply who I am but to learn deeply who others are by dropping my ideas from moment to moment about you.

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2 comments on “Suffering Suffers, You Do Not.
  1. lune says:

    you wanna be in on the silent post?????

    here’s the official invitation:

    Following Takuin’s beautiful example, I have created a meme called ‘The End, The Beginning: A Silent Post’.

    I have tagged you because, I know this is slightly off-topic, but I would love to see ‘your’ thoughts about the End and the Beginning without using words.

    Please follow this link to find the full instructions:

    Lune x

    “What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.”
    – T.S. Eliot

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