Deep Sleep Dream: Her

Today I’ve began to notice something… As Osho has said in his book on suppression of desire that when you are in the midst of supressing something that you have strong attachment to you begin to dream it… (or something the body feels it needs).

For example, the need of food, if one goes into fasting as per their religion, after only a week of fasting the body will start craving food so much that you will start to dream having huge feasts of your favorite foods etc. The mind does this because it isn’t getting what it use to get, and feels it needs it (and well sometimes it does need it depending on the desire.)

For me, I miss… her… she is someone i care a lot about and we have a really good relationship. We are best friends but just the turn of events is that the love I’ve taken part in is not the same that she feels, but nonetheless, we have kept our strong friendship bond (for what its worth)

I have attempted to in a way pull away from my attachment from it which makes it a bit difficult for me, for a couple of reasons, mainly because I don’t want her to feel like shes trapped, secondly jealousy is within me, thirdly, I want her to be happy, and lastly, so this mind and body don’t hurt (i know, selfish right?)

But I have noticed… that after a week, that supression dreams have started surfacing, usually depending on the outlook the dreams will change (if i was longing) then they are cutesy, but this time they are dreams of goodbye..

Maybe some other day darling, maybe some other day when we are both petals of the same rose.


Nick Myers, a 28 year old serial blogger. Also minimalist, zen participant, philosopher, author of Emotional Alchemist, and tea disciple. I am one who sees a potential lesson in every experience in life. Life is who we are and life is our ultimate guru. I seek to bring us together through our own shared experiences. And hope to not only learn deeply who I am but to learn deeply who others are by dropping my ideas from moment to moment about you.

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2 comments on “Deep Sleep Dream: Her
  1. Liz Madsen says:

    Lovely and sad. Very well said.

  2. Lizzy! Thanks for stopping by…

    It has been a bit harsh on both sides, but it has reached the point of neuroticism, where the feelings are trying to attach way too much, and I can no longer become clear sighted. In times like these for the better of the both, I have to clear them out on my own do you think? I don’t want to fight with her or involve her in something that will overwhelm her D: (in which she voiced she was beginning to become overwhelmed.)

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