What Love Is Not.

Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. It does not rejoice in injustice, but rejoiced whenever the truth wins out. Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance. 1 Corinthians 13:4

What a beautiful verse from the bible that states from a human beings point of view what love is… This is something that has been on the front line lately. Then the thought of this verse sort of allowed me to see it, really see it that this is something love is also not…

For love is not always patient..sometimes it can be patient and sometimes love can be very quick to react, it doesn’t make it any less or more of what it is. Love is not always kind, it really depends how you look at kindness, for one person it may not be kind at all but for the person in such circumstances it is kind. I will give an example:

A man and a woman are in a relationship, a very deep relationship, but the woman feels as if she will not be able to go on with the man, not because she does not love him but because the two are not on the same path at that time, so to not hurt the man she begins to pull away, to break their attachment toward each other. The man becomes aware of what is happening, and not comprehending the situation he suffers greatly at his lovers hands, he weeps, weeps, and weeps. He is unaware of the kindness that she is showing him, to keep them both from being miserable, but through that process brings misery to the man.

I’m sure most have been in this situation, where you have not understood why things are happening to you or why they are happening and you do not view this as kind when it is happening to you. So it is not the fact that love is kind or unkind, in fact its neither, you cannot say either are a good representation of love.

I will make this short and sweet, the rest of the Biblical verse is by all means beautiful, but love does not know of any of these meanings imposed on it, nor does it have or not have them. It was all up to who perceived it at the time, and then translated into words, it was the only way to describe what was seen. I don’t feel like I have to give an account of facts or god knows, any lies that may be hiding in the darkness about what love is or isn’t.

I can only tell you that love is not what you believe it to be, that description in the dictionary makes it an ugly word, without fully understanding what it is, you cannot use the word in its purest form. However love is not something I can explain to you because I myself do not claim to believe it is one way over another, that would just be too easy… to just believe it is this way over that way….

It is not the purpose of this post to contradict a bible verse (in fact there is no contradiction, and no problems) , the job of the post is to make you aware.. to see.. that love is not what you think it is, you do not know what love is, it goes beyond what you believe it to be, it is not bound by words, by the personal (the me). It does not have a face, it is free from concept. Love can only be felt and experienced, and it starts within, even if it is projected outward through others, the shift came from within, without you experiencing it, where has it come, where has it gone and is it love. Do not be so quick to judge whether it is or isn’t.

You do not know Love if you do not know yourself, so just look, do not seek, that it is there, it is everything you currently want and need now. It has been in you since existence itself, it has never gone, and that you will never be able to understand it intellectually. You must know it from the heart, not from the mind. Once love reaches its capacity in the mind, it will transcend the mind… or you can bring is from its center (the heart) and it will overflow every part of you and bypass all expectation the personality could possibly have of it. Live it.. Be It.

Love is best observed in nature, it does not need logic to define it, it is the tree giving shade, the birds singing a tune in the morning, and the grass growing. However this does not define love, it points you to where it can be seen, in nature. If you want to know Love, look intently at creation itself, at the very existence of You. Look at You, that… my beloveds is where to start.

Nick Myers, a 28 year old serial blogger. Also minimalist, zen participant, philosopher, author of Emotional Alchemist, and tea disciple. I am one who sees a potential lesson in every experience in life. Life is who we are and life is our ultimate guru. I seek to bring us together through our own shared experiences. And hope to not only learn deeply who I am but to learn deeply who others are by dropping my ideas from moment to moment about you.

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