Meditation – Being Aware of Yourself and bringing about love.

This post is going to be about meditation Osho style. There are many different things that Meditation is called and it doesn’t just involve sitting in a place for long period of time looking inward. The inward part is important but it does not make a difference whether you are sitting, standing, walking, eating, showering, or even in the market place (once you get to that point)

Alot of people have this idea of meditation of being solitary inside a room and focusing on the Self or on God in western views, which are very good tools in the beginning, it starts the frame work of what meditation brings about inside the individual and at some point it will bring about a silence that pervades even in the world. Even in the market place you will have an aloneness/silence within you that is peace, the whole body will walk with peace, with love, with compassion. This is also to be aware.

There are some beginning steps to be looked at in which I’ve read that come from Oshos book Courage which can be picked up there. I’ll list some key points, why they are the way they are and then list some other background information on meditation.

For all intents and purposes, meditation may not be for you, if that is the case, then all is good, you need not bother with it, this is more like a heart prayer to God, rather than a verbal prayer or it can be used to center yourself, to stop the mind chatter, to diminish the “me” inside and to bring out the individual (the unknown known/the thing which cannot be explained)

Step 1: Quiet Rooms

In the beginning, this is somewhat important, for your goal is to quiet the part of you that seems to be in habits of chattering all day, so pick a place in which you will not be disturbed for at least 40-45 minutes, trust me, it seems like a long time, but it really isn’t. When the mind begins to subside, things seem to fall in sync and boredom should not set in, if it does, then pay attention to the boredom and you’ll notice that awareness of the boredom causes boredom to leave on its own accord, you will not have to force it away, there will be no need. If you end up meditating longer than 45 minutes, that is fine too, just make sure you are somewhere, where the body will not be disturbed.

Step 2: Sitting Position

Next you will sit with your legs crossed, and then place your hands in your lap, you left palm facing up and your right palm just under it, and have them lay gently in your lap. Make sure that your two thumbs are gently pressing to each other. Osho says it is this way because your right hand is connected to your intuitive side and it is to aid the energies of the right side of your brain which connected to your left hand which handles labels, orders, conflicts, etc. The Left hand is connected to the right side of the braing (objective side), and right hand is connected to the left side, which is the subjective (receptivity) side. The touch of the thumbs bring the energies together and bring about stillness.

Step 3: Breathing

This is something I had not known but it turns out that for me naturally i was breathing out of the bodies nose, but this mode of breathing switches nostrils every 5 minutes, which duality exists there, so to relax your jaw line just a little to where you can gently breathe out of your mouth. This will also ensure that the air that is breathed is full breath instead of only breathing through the chest.

Step 4: Relax and Be Aware

This is the small key, relax and pay attention to the muscles tensions (forehead, hands, toes) all of these, once aware of the tensions, they will relax on their own. Just be aware of the bodies presence, on the breathing, in and out, and then when you notice a muscle tensing whether its eyebrows, or forehead, watch it, and it will begin to loosen again. Also, when relaxing and non-movement begin to unify, when this happens you will notice that the mind begins to loosen its chatter. It is said that because the body-mind are one (connected) that when the body is not working anymore and there is no movement, the mind has no more use so it begins to stop its chatter automatically.

I have noticed this through direct experience, that there is this point that things start to become more crisp, not just because I’m more or less aware but because the mind has stopped chattering and it allows myself to be receptive to what IS, or actual reality.

Step 5: Emotional and Thought Break down

You can expect thoughts and emotions to happen, as long as the mind is chattering, the thought and emotions will happen. This is okay, don’t do anything to suppress them, to suppress something or to renounce or deny something is to allow it to bind you, and why push it away? It is not harming you in any way, it is not you, it will leave on its own accord when it has fulfilled its stay, so just be watchful, observe the emotion or thought. Just allow it to glide by, it will leave and when it leaves, you will still be present, just like you always have been.

Note: Focus on the respiration that is taking place, this is where the heart prayer can be taken in. Since God is a part of all, God is the breath, so think of it as breathing in God and then letting God out through respiration. If this does not suit you then just focus on the gap between the breathe, that loving silence between each intake and outtake of breathe.

Step 6: Applying it to everyday life

Here is where it comes in handy. Not that it doesn’t when you’re in aloneness and allowing yourself to be receptive to your center but in life we are always focusing on other things that we forget about ourselves. We are so busy distracting ourselves with outside things like traffic, other peoples actions, a TV that happens to be on, music being played, that we do not notice ourselves, being fully aware. You do not need to have any particular stance or motion in doing so, all you have to do is be aware of yourself; for instance, if you are walking, observe your walking, if you are eating, be aware of the eating taking place. Pay attention to the muscles tensions and relaxations, the bodies natural state is not in tension but rather in relaxation. You can probably catch your face tense a thousand and one times during the day, but the more you catch it and allow it to release its tension the less tense it will get. This is eventually referred to as the Light Body (Jean Klein) refers to it as such. This allows you to be in the present more and more, and slow..slow you will be more and more in the present and less in the past and future. If someone is talking to you not only listen but be the observer of both, not just the friend but also of yourself.

Do not be alarmed if you slip out of consciousness (when i say this i mean you begin to day dream about something of the future or think back on something of the past, or some illusory reality you create), just gently pull yourself back into the present. There is no need to feel guilty about slipping out of consciousness, you’ve had this habit for so long it will take some time breaking it. There is no need to feel guilty about slipping, because however many times you may slip out, you also pull yourself back just as many times, and slow, the times will be less and less, and then eventually you will be completely in the present.

These are all things in which Osho has suggested for the most part, and at some point there were be a profound, silence in yourself, this is also seen as peacefulness or love, like I said, it has many names. It charges and overflows, soon the whole bodies posture is that of love, it walks in love, the whole presence is love, every movement.


I also use this watchfulness when I’m in the midst of going to bed, because we cannot force the body into sleep, sleep mearily happens to the body when it needs to. The more aware you are of the self, the more present you are, and the stillness of the body cuts down on the minds need to bring up the conflicts of the past or future. So paying attention to the breath is and keeping the eyes closed but steady forward and just being aware of the bodies tensions is enough most of the time. It does not work all the time, which is fine, there is no need to condemn yourself that sleep has not come, it will come on its own accord so you need to worry about it.

Final Words on Becoming Awake:

First.. you have to realize, you are asleep, even with your eyes open, you are dreaming, this is why we lose consciousness so easily in everyday life, we forget things we’ve done, people we’ve met, or “talked” to. We are unaware of what we are doing. This also causes what the west refers to as “sin” or missing the mark. When you are awake, things that you would do in unawareness, would seem meaningless, because what good do they really do when you have what you need right in front of you. A Thief who steals would see rubbish if he were awake, but a thief does what a thief does because he sees some value in the worldly items even though it does not bring about anything meaningful, it cannot be taken with you when the body dies, so why steal, what meaning does it have? This is the message that all of the Sages have, The Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Mohammad. They may have been in a different lingo but they all talk of becoming awake. First you must know that you are not awake, you are asleep, then go from there. Know you are asleep and then observe how to become awake by being present.



Nick Myers, a 28 year old serial blogger. Also minimalist, zen participant, philosopher, author of Emotional Alchemist, and tea disciple. I am one who sees a potential lesson in every experience in life. Life is who we are and life is our ultimate guru. I seek to bring us together through our own shared experiences. And hope to not only learn deeply who I am but to learn deeply who others are by dropping my ideas from moment to moment about you.

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2 comments on “Meditation – Being Aware of Yourself and bringing about love.
  1. shraddha says:

    i have read lot about osho…

    i like this info…

    its easier said than done…

  2. I agree, its easier when you’re feeling attuned to it, its best not to force things to happen. If meditation isn’t your thing, then it just isn’t, there are no problems in it.

    I’ve become more aware of the “slip” where the mind slips into its dream state again and again, which is natural.

    Through direct experience its brought about subtle changes that i’ve noticed. Its worth a try. Its good to see other people that enjoy Oshos creativity. Blessings.

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