Not really sure how to start this except that the body has been doing its share of suffering lately. First we must be clear that there is a difference between suffering and pain. Whereas Suffering stems from the anguish of the mind and pain resides in the body. The body attaches itself to a memory of pain and thus pain is felt, which also may explain why suffering may cause physical pain, but to look at the root of this pain, it stems from thought or memory.

I wanted to write about suffering for whatever reason because maybe this body has been suffering over one of its big attachments (a girl) for some time, even knowing the unreality of many bodies, it still persists on associating itself as an individual. Where does suffering come and why does it affect the body so much. I believe suffering is part of the body-mind problem in which because of the body-mind expectation of a particular state or situation that is not met, that it victimizes itself. It feels that it is not meeting its own standards and although the mind tries its best to attribute this to the external world (in which is not external at all, but rather internal being projected due to seemingly individual perception) that suffering occurs internally based on the body-minds perception.

Suffering is only an indicator though, a very helpful indication, not only is it a objective thought, but it also points out where the body-mind is trying the most to purify, which is probably why the body gets so exhausted when it focus on that object for such a long time. By merely seeing the thought for what it is (illusion or maya) and accepting that it is there, merely lets it fade away into nothingness. You cannot force a feeling away, by doing this allows the thought to penetrate the ego even further, but the same goes for the other way, to not allow it to attach to You. Your True Nature does not feel these things as it is perfect in every state, and feels suffering of all and yet feels no suffering, they merely obliterate each other, but to say this would be ignorance. All thought comes from ignorance of the Truth, which is why suffering exists.

Truth requires no duality as duality is based in the illusion of time and space as for lack of better words, is timeless and eternal, and unborn. Truth is not born, and it not wrapped in time, and it is not wrapped in space, it is not concept, and it is not something the mind can conceive. “The reason why you cannot remember Truth is because you cannot forget it” (Nisagardatta Maharaj)

Suffering is self inflicted based on the body-minds perception of its identitfy, it fears the unknown and it fears the change of its form, although at the root of it that its form never really existed and is merely a concept based around other concepts. You were before the word, and You were before the body. 

“Abide in the I Am, for you were before conception of the body-mind (or the body was born)” 


I recently read this in a very well known (well to me but maybe not to you) philosopher on christian mysticism and here is how he phrased suffering, and its necessity, the thought was very beautiful.  This is from Meister Eckhart who expounded this.

“Now I say: when it happens that a good and just person who has suffered an outward misfortune remains unmoved in serenity and peace of heart, then indeed, nothing that befalls them will distress them, as I have said. If the contrary should prove the case, and they are disheartened by their outward misfortune, then it is only right and proper that God should have permitted the misfortune to befall such a person who thought that they were so heavily. And if it is God’s right so to do, they should not allow themselves to be troubled, but rather they should rejoice in it more than they do in their own lives, which everyone delights in and values more than they do the whole world. After all, what would the whole world profit us if we did not have life?”

and one more which kind of hits home at what I was moving towards and probably got distracted with other thought:

“Now I say further that all suffering comes from our love for what misfortune takes from us. If the loss of external things cause me pain, then this is a clear sign that I love external things, and thus, in truth, love suffering and despair. Is it suprising then that I suffer, since I love and seek suffering and despair? My heart and my affections assign to creatures that goodness which is God’s possession. I turn to creatures which, by their nature, are the source of suffering and turn my back on God, from whom all consolation comes.

Alot of people tend to not agree that suffering is only internal, by giving examples of external calamities, but external calamities are all forms of the universal consciousness, so who dies? We all die with one who dies, as we are all a fraction of that Absolute whole. This person does not suffer, as they return to Beingness that is I Am.


Also, I have a few questions, what makes it uncomfortable to some to say that the concept of God does not exist? I know it scares this body-mind alot although I know that the Absolute goes beyond the concept of God, God is only a name that the body-mind has given. God goes beyond the word, God was before the Word and is in the Word, but is not the word. God goes by so many names that people fight over which word is the correct, but who is to judge whether which word is correct when none of the words are correct, they are only out of ignorance of the Truth. God cannot be explained in words so why true and explain it? because it pleases the body-mind to have some tangible object it can refer to as a higher source. This brings about immediate suffering because to have something tangible as the concept of God is to put him inside of a box, to suit the body-minds mistaken needs when the body-mind is only a fraction of what is.

For God is the Absolute, Brahmin, Self, Soul, Holy Spirit, I Am, but is also none of these for these are all words. I Am goes beyond anything the mind can conceive, so abide in this and the truth will be revealed.

Sorry the thought went from suffering to God but the intention was based around the body-minds fear concept as a response for suffering. When you get to the bottom or root of suffering, you realize that suffering is only a concept just like anything else and is based in illusion just like anything else that seems to be real. “The nature of illusion is to seem real.”

Short blurb on illusion:

Question: What is the difference between reality and the dreaming state? 

The fact that the body-mind is as rest has nothing to do with a change of state, or of real and unreal, they are only of two different illusory states. One allows the body-mind to do things that it isn’t usually allowed to do in the awake state, but what makes one distinguish one as real and false. Awareness is still present in both states, except suffering does not exist in deep sleep state. Through true deep sleep, the body does not dream but rather purely is in Beingness, just because you do not remember where you are when sleeping doesn’t mean you do not exist, as you never were born to begin with, you cannot simply fall out of existance and back into it, you merely are. The body-mind of thinks it does.

Wake state and dream state are both illusions, the only difference is, is that the consciousness believes itself to be the body in awake state therefore a close association is felt.

I no longer wish to be selfish as my True Nature dictates this is not reality, and that selfishness is only ignorance of the Truth again, and that even acts of kindness no matter how selfless they may appear still benefits the individual. 

How can you put the war to rest in others when you don’t even see the war inside yourself?

This can go in line with judgement, in the bible it states, “How can you pick out the splinter in ones eye, when you cannot see the log in your own eye”


Abide in this:  I Am That which I Am.

Nick Myers, a 28 year old serial blogger. Also minimalist, zen participant, philosopher, author of Emotional Alchemist, and tea disciple. I am one who sees a potential lesson in every experience in life. Life is who we are and life is our ultimate guru. I seek to bring us together through our own shared experiences. And hope to not only learn deeply who I am but to learn deeply who others are by dropping my ideas from moment to moment about you.

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2 comments on “Suffering
  1. I do not have the luxury of reading as many blogs as I like but your post certainly made me think. My brain’s a bit rusty though. I tried to understand the message you were trying to put through but I guess my thinking not as deep as yours. It’s food for thought though. Thank you.

  2. Hey michellecheong,

    Thanks for reading my post, and your brain is working fine haha.. The main point of the piece i think was that suffering is inward.. and its a process that you can control, thats within your control because suffering comes from your ideas of something, your expectations impose on what actually is there and when they aren’t there, human beings will withhold their own happiness from themselves….

    Its sort of like a kid who throws a tantrum in a candy store when he doesn’t get what he wants. What is the mother to do??

    She can either give in and give the child what he wants… and in turn the child will pick up a bad habit… he knows that if he throws tantrums now that he will get what he wants… The mind works the same way.

    Or the mother could simply take stand and not do anything, let the kid throw the tantrum and let it pass… he will stop crying some time and will figure out that throwing the tantrum is simply silly and drop it.

    So in order for suffering to drop, you have to see its there… be aware of it.. but not react to it. Not to reject it but to not give it its way and let it just work its way out of you. You’ll notice something very soon… that it looses its grip within you because it has no where to grasp inside.

    These thoughts need not any understanding. They will help you when you need them the most and will effect you in whatever way is needed! Thanks again for stopping by!

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