Assumption (Including Self Assumption)

What are basis of most assumption?

Is it something that is based off of something that an individual believes to be truth. Maybe…Maybe it’s a comfort level thing, a person thinks a certain way or a certain outcome will take place in a certain frame of time. It comes down to this persons personal reality though. All assumptions are made off the basis that the individuals reality is a complete and universal truth when in reality this isn’t the case. No one should ever think this as a fact as its one of the most selfish things to do. So we do we agree that we have to always be right or agree that there has to be a right or wrong or what is right or wrong. 

There is no constant variable that will state that anything we’ve come to know in the body-minds personal reality will always be true. Not even at a body level. The body grows from being a baby it gains the identity of being a baby entity and then as the body grows it gains the identity of being a toddler but then sheds it identity and becomes something totally new, which then is referred to as a big boy or even a teenage in which it continues to grow into the identity of an adult and then into someone who is very old. Yet through this whole process the body sheds its many identities over time, so how could this be a truth at all, if it changes it form so many times? It has been heard that the body is only a vessel or that the body is a vehicle, so why make that agreement that the body is what your true nature is? There is something that was there before the body and will continue to be when the body ceases. So why agree to individuality. To have an individual perspective gives rise to all kinds of false assumptions and I’m sure there are a lot of questions that rise when the body-mind lays its mass of concepts on that sentence. Here are some that are probably common.

With no individuality, then wouldn’t everyone be like robots?

If we had no individuality, then wouldn’t free will be hindered?

Those are the two main questions that this body-mind tends to always bring up when it fights the loosening of the individualistic mind. At the very root of individuality is selfishness in terms of body-mind. It doesn’t matter what the argument is when you don’t see it from an Absolute point of view (or God point of view if you don’t follow). Here is where this thought goes (or diving into a rabbit hole in a sense) but on a very body level, it seeks satisfaction of reaching a goal and even at the very essence of achieving something that seems selfless outwardly, it is selfishness for self love that drives it.

Ego Driven response:

So you’re saying that giving to the poor is selfish or is unimportant?

Not at all, actually quite the opposite, they are very important, it is in your very nature to help other bodies, seeing it from the point of view that we come from the same source, what could be more necessary. The thought process or goal process is unhealthy or can even be considered a disease, and causes suffering.

So then comes the question of what then doesn’t cause suffering?

That is a very good question, in terms of body-mind conflict, all causes suffering, even our concept of love causes suffering. In fact every form of suffering is caused by love, oh how beautiful the circle is, the body has been made to suffer, to great lengths it goes to cause itself to suffer, in a confusion for identity.

Escaping such a cycle is so simple and yet so complicated because people aren’t willing to embrace the simplicity of what our Nature truly is (yes you guessed it, it does have to do with the Divine :)) People in general aren’t willing to accept it though, infact refuse to acknowledge that there are things in this world that they’ve been taught are necessary to believe yet aren’t necessary at all or don’t actually exist (this i’m referring to concepts we’ve been fed when we were little.)

Truth cannot be explained in words, but they open the bridge to going beyond words themselves which opens up to stillness and the very essence of Truth. God isn’t as far as we think He is (but we’ve been lead to believe he might be) He is the Goal, and the Goal isn’t a distant path, we have been standing on the Goal this whole time with our eyes tightly closed. We’ve already reached the Goal, We are the Goal, you just have to acknowledge it and know it. All the emotional and misguided principles are only a play that goes on until the body-minds time is up in its short span of time. Our true nature doesn’t wither but merely waits patiently watching the bodies actions, to be entertained with what it does for itself. I would love to try and clarify but words like i’ve said so many times are very distorting and whoever takes the time to read it will get the wrong idea of what I’m getting at and may even lash out, which I’m fine with. I’m not here to argue but rather to get whoever stumbles on this to question the very beliefs that they’ve agreed to and not looked at very closely.

I will make this clear, if you think this is an attempt to question God, you are sadly mistaken, it is quite the opposite. It is question where your priorities lie, with the body or with the Eternal itself.

Giving up individuality, strips away the very essence of desire (whatever your vices are) and brings you closer to Eternal and Timeless state. Jesus/God/Holy Spirit (and for this egos satisfaction I Am) did say We were capable of so much more on this Earth then he showed in that body, so why isn’t it used or made aware of. Bring back God action, but first you have to figure out who you are. So the final question is:

Who Are You? 
(I’ll give a hint, you aren’t what you perceive yourself to be, and to find out what you are you have to find out what you are not.)

P.S. I don’t speak from an individual point of view but from the view that we all share the same divine bond, we are one, that miracle of the universe (God). That thing that can’t be explained in words and shouldn’t. ❤ 

Don’t inquire with the intellect, inquire with Being, the answers are spontaneous. Remember however much you want to believe you are the doer of the question that you are not, the question arises and the answer comes spontaneously. How can their be argument with only one entity, so does argument really exist or is it a play of words coming from the confusion of the mind?


Nick Myers, a 28 year old serial blogger. Also minimalist, zen participant, philosopher, author of Emotional Alchemist, and tea disciple. I am one who sees a potential lesson in every experience in life. Life is who we are and life is our ultimate guru. I seek to bring us together through our own shared experiences. And hope to not only learn deeply who I am but to learn deeply who others are by dropping my ideas from moment to moment about you.

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