Judgment and Conceptualism

So to keep in mind that concept is concept that it is only the fact that they play on each other like a beautiful dance in the atmosphere.

Why is it that judgment is felt?

Here is what is felt when the question seems to present itself. In respect to the body, it is full of certain concepts and beliefs in which it bases its life off of, but why? What is the purpose of a concept or belief other than the excuse of making sure that the body follows right action in the world. Through what a body considers right action it suffers, but this is also even do to the concept that what we believe to be our body is what we are (that probably won’t make sense at the start) but the body only believes this individualistic concept because its confused and scared that what our true nature is, is not the body at all. Looking at it from the Christian belief comes the concept of the Holy Spirit.

Concept of the Holy Spirit is that God is. Whether the body is aware that the Holy Spirit is or isn’t doesn’t matter, it exists. Holy Spirit conceptually goes by a lot names in which many people are familiar with which all comes down to the root of God/I Am. Even the concept is distorted at this point because it is not complete truth unless words can go beyond word and go beyond mind and that is not possible. Words are also very important though, they serve and a communication medium to other seemingly bodies to bring together or to awaken an understanding. Here is what i mean by the Holy Spirit being every present regardless, its not the fact that one does not have or does have it, you can’t give or receive something that you are to begin with. So then again becomes the problem of the body-mind being confused at its identify. I challenge you (including myself) to inquire more deeply into who you are, the body-mind only serves for a short amount of time, and many people realize the fact that the body is only a vessel on earth so why do you associate yourself with the vessel and not the root of your existence? If you were so inclined for truth, why blatantly be blind by knowledge you know is false. Set aside concept for a while (including this) and inquire about your true nature. contemplation happens but the body is not the doer of contemplation.

Love. Concept.

Now back onto judgment, so why is it that you wrap yourself up in such a dull and meaningless concept, the only reason you have a certain belief is because you were fed it from someone else and then just accepted it. Why does anyone hate anyone? Because they are uncomfortable with the seemingly huge gap between the two people, but which person do you really judge? Is it that person (which only seemingly exists in the body-minds world) or is it yourself that you are judging? What good does it do to judge someone else and their belief when your belief may not be anymore right then theres (and it isn’t) but we would like to believe it is. On a very shallow level we would like to believe that our way is the right way, but this is not the case, in fact we are just as far from Truth as they are (or close if it makes you feel better =P) Knowledge is present, but why do you think Adam and Eve were naked in the garden of eden before knowledge was implemented? Because knowledge was not so, and they lacked knowledge (as this seems like a bad thing, it is not.) From the bodies point of view the more knowledge the more knowledgeable, but from a true state, this is no so nor will it ever be so, this doesn’t bring you spiritually closer, it just allows a person to be able to recite concepts intellectually with another body which is fine, its entertaining. 

It is sort of like a cinema screen where lights dance across it so that the eye perceives an image, but this is not what is actually going on, the only fact in this is that light is, the rest is illusion or a doppleganger in which the body-mind constructs on its own accord.

I know this may upset some people, and I’m sorry, however i also understand that it is not You who is angry or disagrees, for your true nature knows the Truth, that words distort Reality and that it is only concept out of love for itself feels the need to have an emotion. So go beyond concept and look inside and ask the question, Who Are You? Enjoy every day to its fullest, friends, family, and activity, but hold no judgments, once you inquire about it and find your true nature concept will not grasp you, this is true selflessness. Your very nature will be God (Love). The second you begin to judge another is the second you forget to love yourself.

This is the beautiful thing, my note is no more closer to the truth then what you believe, I’m merely saying, look beyond the words. Pull concept off like a silk sash to be discarded.

Nick Myers, a 28 year old serial blogger. Also minimalist, zen participant, philosopher, author of Emotional Alchemist, and tea disciple. I am one who sees a potential lesson in every experience in life. Life is who we are and life is our ultimate guru. I seek to bring us together through our own shared experiences. And hope to not only learn deeply who I am but to learn deeply who others are by dropping my ideas from moment to moment about you.

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10 comments on “Judgment and Conceptualism
  1. Liz Madsen says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous. I didn’t manage to get to your blog until today, got caught in all the 404 things your site gives. 🙂 Anyhew…

    As I said, this is absolutely gorgeous… What I don’t see though is how do you exactly reach that point where you just are… Where there’s nothing else but you… You’re forced to use words in everyday life and forced to listen to your mind and do somethings , because you do live among people…

    But people hurt… They hurt… LOL I mean… I wish I wouldn’t hurt anyone, nor myself… And for that I believe (don’t know if it’s correct, but it does seem like the easiest option) I have to stop communicating with people and being affected by them. I really don’t see the reason for sacrificing yourself… Because when you simply become goodness and love and the initial you, they keep on hitting. And you either listen your mind and hit back, or you sacrifice yourself, no? And if you sacrifice yourself for a while, who is to say they won’t hit until you’re truly at the ground? Who is to say your love will change them?

    What you’re saying is truly beautiful, but I don’t see how it can be reached in a world governed by words and in which “only the strong survive”. Unless of course you manage to pull yourself out of this world, or create a cocoon with likeminded people and good conditions… That could be possible then… However, except for that case, can a man be an island?

    I’d go on, but I don’t know at this time what I want to say next. And I don’t know if what I said so far made any sense.

  2. Liz Madsen says:

    Oh and one other thing… If you decide to be alone, in order to not hurt anyone, not even yourself, is that sacrifice? Because being alone does hurt…

    And then we go back to a thing I used to think about, regarding what love, pleasure and communication are… Are they really needs or are they induced needs?

  3. Wonderful question, i love the thought that flows out so nicely! Those aren’t easy questions to answer from a body-mind perspective. They have to deal with the bodies intellect, but there is a difference between knowledge and something that is of noetic quality (a sense of knowing, coming from an instantaneously all pervading knowledge). This is where the whole question of individual Truth comes in on your previous posts. You spoke of the individual truth but this is grasp worthy, the Truth that is all prevading the mind cannot grasp, it just IS.

    A quick answer to this thought, “What I don’t see though is how do you exactly reach that point where you just are.”
    At some point that You are not the body to begin with, you are only left to believe that You are the body by things you’ve been fed with. Maharaj said, “You are not what you perceive yourself to be” mean, no matter what you think you are, you are not. You are ten fold much more beautiful then a body concept, the body is merely a vessel that is at play in the universal consciousness out of joy of the Absolute.

    The mind is also very confusing in terms of always being active but this isn’t necessarily true that you are the mind. It brings in thoughts and constantly whispers certain things but not even the mind tells the Truth, it can only give its biased opinion based on second hand knowledge (which I’ve found is not Truth) because anything that can be forgotten is not truth…. If it were Truth it would not be able to be forgotten.
    To find out who you are, you must find out who you are not, and eliminate the veils.

    What I’ve come to know is that the mind says alot of things but all of these are not reality, so merely accept the minds plites but that doesn’t mean you have to obey. You merely let the thought pass by, not attaching to any thought and the mind slowly gives up knowing that its seen for what it is, an illusion. This initially brings the concept of fear into the equation because for so long the mind has associated itself with the body so out of love for itself will fight back.. All you can do is love the process but know the process, Your nature is Love.

    People are people, they do hurt in respect to body-mind, but I know that all bodies are seen as many but are One. So me to be alone is to not be alone at all. Everything plays a crucial roll. You feel every feeling of suffering but you have no suffering. I use to believe there had to be a bad and good, but duality only fades into the background.

    In respect to words… It is so that they are very much important, they catalyze, that is their purpose, its like ripening of fruit, the words are used to Awaken the True State spontaneously. It isn’t the words themselves that are important, it’s what is beyond them, really in them, is of the importance. It isn’t something to grasp but to not be forgotten. Merely understand the mechanism of words and you’ll know that they are illusion just like anything else but they are just as important as anything else. They all play the perfect roll. ❤

    Sorry this is so long haha, the thought just decided to come out in whatever order it felt was necessary, i hope at least some of this makes sense. Also sorry about the 404s you might caught caught up on my actual website which i haven’t updated in awhile which is http://www.atomicpotential.info, and i noticed when you credited me in your post that you linked to my site so i updated my site to point to the blog as well hehe. Is there something that i can do to point my name to my blog rather then my website… I guess i’ll fool around with it more.

  4. btw just a side note, this is in no way trying to push thought onto you, I’m merely just trying to show you where that thought came from or originated when that was written on judgment and conceptualism. This is this bodies reality (which I respectfully know is only intellectual knowledge, and intellectual knowledge is only based out of ignorance of the Truth). Or to put it lightly, only a fraction of the Truth. ❤

  5. Liz Madsen says:

    There are ideas I’m fond of from what you wrote, like “What I’ve come to know is that the mind says alot of things but all of these are not reality, so merely accept the minds plites but that doesn’t mean you have to obey. You merely let the thought pass by, not attaching to any thought and the mind slowly gives up knowing that its seen for what it is, an illusion. This initially brings the concept of fear into the equation because for so long the mind has associated itself with the body so out of love for itself will fight back.. All you can do is love the process but know the process, Your nature is Love.”

    And I do have another question… So there’s no good, no bad, no you, but at the same time there is, for everything is, but isn’t, right? Cause that’s how I see what you’re saying. So in that case are we just leaves in the wind? Is there no meaning, except for maybe the “final” truth, which will be the original truth anyway, the one that is but isn’t? =))

    To some extent it seems like your ideas develop the notion of relativity. But does anything exist for you, or is everything just illusion, to be or not to be, both in one, the only truth, which just is.

    One other thing I get from your writings is that nothing really matters, except for the initial state. Everything else being just processes of the mind and body which are just vessels back and forth to that initial state. However you do underline that the mind matters. I think neither matter. And if neither matter, then why do we have them and why are we here?

    So, your opinion on why we’re here on earth please, and I’d also like to know what you sense to be coming after death. Is that too much?

  6. Rightly so, in terms of the body-mind duality only exists in space and time, but it isn’t the case in your True Nature. There is nothing but there is like you have said. Everything falls into the Absolute. It is the Abyss of all but It Is All. Its funny that the concepts of leaves in the wind comes up because one of my classmates brought that up that everything is merely leaves in the wind. It’s a good way to look at it, but not just bodies, this includes everything in the universe, is timeless and eternal. Also this seems to be true but also not about there is no meaning. The purpose of the body is the ultimate manifestation of Love. What more of a miracle is the body to enjoy in the Universal Conscious for the pure Joy of being. So in a way there is no meaning because there is no real purpose of the body other than the pure joy of being, but this is the ultimate purpose in the same token. There is no goal to be made, because You are the goal to begin with, there is no path to take because you are the start and end of the path.

    Objectively everything is conceptual which are mere illusions of the Truth, so in respect to the intellect it seems as if nothing exists. What I mean is Everything is a fraction of the universal conscious or Absolute I Am. Concepts are illusions and how can concepts possibly be Truth when the circumstances and the meaning change so frequently due to the body-minds perception? They do not stay constant, not for one moment, not even the concept of the body. The body is born and is labeled and infant, and then it grows into a toddler, and then into a teen, adult, oldie, and then it dies. Not once does it stay constant. Even that fact that cells within the body selflessly kill themselves off to maintain the body making the body ever changing. This is why you are not the body nor any other concept, because they do not reach eternal/timeless boundaries, they only reach within duality which is a concept trapped in time and space. Everything is mere illusion of the Absolute. The Process goes something like:

    “There are mountains. There are no concepts therefore there are no mountains, and finally There are mountains.”

    The difference in the last one is, there is no longer objectivity to the mountains, they just merely are all part of the whole, there is no distinction between a mountain and the sky but for convenience of the body-mind and for use for people to people interaction they are called mountains nothing more. The label has no significance itself. Its more looking at it subjectively then looking at it objectively.

    In terms of nothing mattering, to the intellect this is true but also its not. Even the concept of a final state is illusion in itself. It matters a whole lot, because it is your True Nature, Love. The mind plays a crucial roll, although the mind itself is an illusion, it catalyzes the process of the Self. It ignited the spark in which the Self becomes familiar again with what it actually is. “It isn’t the words that are important, but what is beyond the word” It’s like ripening of the fruit, the intellect initiates this ripening and then it spontaneously ignites, so knowing Truth through intellect allows the Truth of Who You Are to be realized by the self.

    Again we are purely here, out of pure joy of universal consciousness. This is Abeyance with the Absolute or Love.

    Finally What I’ve conveyed you have to keep in mind is ignorance of the Truth, what I’ve said pales in comparison of what actually is and is only a fraction of the Truth. Also The thought here is not of my doing, i do not take credit for the individual is not the doer of thought, that thought merely happens spontaneously to contemplate each other in order for the Truth to be realized. Everything I’ve said is ignorance, it is the body-minds truth but it is not fully Truth, but to abide in I Am is a good place to start and that you are not the body.

    The death question comes from the body-mind and of the intellect but to be honest, death does not exist. The body only seems to die, but it isn’t even the fact that the body exists, you’re told you’re a body from your parents since they witnessed you being born, but can you remember being born, where were you in that time gap from when the body was born until Awareness set in. Awareness is part of the Eternal, pay close attention to this, it is there whether the body-mind is, or isn’t, even in deep sleep. So in terms of death, it is only part of duality, life and death are one and the same, how can you lose something you never had? Considering you are Life itself and are unborn, how can You die? You are very unborn and you have always been. When the body seems to die, the memory of the individual fades and then you continue to be Absolute just like you have been all Eternity. Its really a beautiful process and I really appreciate thoughts.

    Thank you, if your curious still feel free to ask more. 🙂 ❤

  7. Liz Madsen says:

    Alright. Why does the body have to experience pain? Why are some geniuses and some are not if we’re all part of a whole?

    And one other question… I am is just as “there” as I’m not. Do you agree there’s a posibility it’s the other way around? I’m not instead of I am.

    You once said in order to find out that you are you should find you what you’re not. So in that spirit you do agree that everything is through contrast between opposites. So isn’t there a possibility then that nothing “is”?

    I’m blabbing, but hey, why not? 😛

  8. pain is a physical experience of the body, it is a creative reaction of universal consciousness, there is still feeling in the body whether its illusion or not. Maybe you meant suffering? Suffering is an inner process in which is conducted by the minds confusion that it is the body, it is brought on by attachments to a concept of memory. Suffering fades when You are no longer attached into thinking that you are the body, pain also ceases when this attachment is let go of. All pain stems from the fact that you are the body, as soon as the Realization that you are not the body but a play in Universal Consciousness the other feelings become a back drop, all emotion and feeling merge into one into a universal experience. (or an absolute experience) This isn’t to say that there is only one emotion because the Absolute experiences every emotion perfectly, but they are all creative and last perfectly as they should as they are all spontaneous reactions. There is suffering but there is not.

    Very possible in fact the concept of I Am is not Truth, You are behind the concept of I Am. “You are nothing in particular, but you Are” is what Nisargadatta Maharaj states. Its easier to acknowledge when you got back to your birth principle, what were you before that body was born, That is what you are.

    Very rightly so, nothing IS just as well as everything IS… You are the Abyss but you are All. This is what i think scares people because the abyss seems so lonely but how can one possible be lonely when they are everything, there is no loneliness, as that is only a concept attached to the body.

    Good thoughts~! ❤

    btw I don’t take credit for what is said, it merely happens and I’m not thought, but in that same token I can tell you that this body is still attached to its identity of a person, I merely wait for the Truth to unfold (concept of liberation) although liberation never happens, because You are already liberated, there is no liberation to happen. Like i said in before posts, You are the Goal, there is no process to happen, it merely happens spontaneously.

  9. Liz Madsen says:

    Ok. And I was speakin of pain as a physical thing, cause I know mental suffering is different.

  10. Okie, well pain is part of the bodies reaction and because of the I that associating itself with the body, pain is felt, otherwise it would not be so. The body experiences pain, but You do not. Your True nature is beyond that, much more beautiful, outwardly appearing as total unconditional Love.

    Also in terms of being a genius, is still of the body-mind complex but this is because the mind has grasped to some extent beyond the faculties of the minds illusion freeing itself up for more creative intuition. Some just seem to get it sooner than others but its always been there, just realizing that is there seems to be the task.

    It’s like the guru who believes himself to be in a cage, not realizing that there never was a cage to begin with, that it all was all manifested within himself. Upon realization he is liberated from all.

    Does this make sense? 🙂 Thanks again for taking part, i appreciate your thought. ❤

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