The Demon

What we typically refer to as a demon, is something that grows exponentially, what seems like out of our control. It starts out small and gains momentum over time. That’s why you hear the typical coinage, “battling our demons.” For me, these are just mere thoughts that we continue to make agreements with that no longer serve us in a healthy manner. I’ve often written about them as the thought parasite which can even be a healthy thought, and then a shift in reality causes us to still cling to this thought even though it no longer applies.

That is when the thought becomes rogue and starts wreaking havok on our structure. (which also is very conventional. Holding on to belief structures can become manifest as demons too.) Anything that holds us back from the love that we are can be considered a demon.

In the spirit of currently reading Ray Bradburys Zen in the Art of WritingI have come up with a short story about the demons weakness.

The Demon:

the demonThe demon has a weakness.
A way to destroy its very core inside you.
It takes courage on your part.
To sit with stillness in the demons presence.
To make eye contact and just be still.
To be courageous is to be un-flinching in its tantrums.

A demon cannot bare a watchful presence on it.
Funny how the thing the demon is usually viewed as its strength, is its weakness.
It gets uncomfortable at your stillness and willingness to be un-moved.

It will do anything to try and get you to look away.
To go back to your old ways.
That place where it can live being un-detected.
So keep watching with compassion for yourself.
Let that be your fire.

The demons core will be shaken and crumble back into ash.
The unspoken, silent victory over the demon.

What this all means

So this typically comes in the form of subtle addiction, whether it’s procrastination, manipulation, dishonesty, pornography, etc. But to see those desires and to look deep inside to see how they are not serving you. The important part is to watch and see, take note and to catch yourself in the act and to be mindful of how it sucks your energy. The more you watch something with persistence and silence, the more your momentum to walk a different path will become apparent.

It may not be easy and it may take discipline at first, but after a while it will be like any other learned habit. Just like you got into the addictive habit, you have to let yourself get into the addictive habit of NOT wanting that habit.

And finally, see how you do not actually lack whatever it is that you’re trying to fill that habit with.


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How To Do Reiki The Easy Way

how to do reiki the easy way

image source via flickr

I often see this word passed around a lot when it comes to energy healing. I will be honest and say that I’ve looked into this as well as chakra healing quite a few times.

But there is tons of information about these two subjects just as it is. It is hard to find a good source or to even find out what it’s really about. Also the requirements and explanation behind requirements are very scatted from having to be under a “professional teacher”, to do it yourself methods. So hopefully I can answer a few of the questions that you may be having when it comes to learning reiki.

Heres what I’m going to cover today,

  • What is a reiki practitioner?
  • What are the differences of chakra and reiki healing?
  • Dont be misguided and learn reiki the easy way.

What is a reiki practitioner

There is much misconception on what it takes to be a reiki practitioner which basically states that you have to first be initiated by a certified reiki master. Someone who has been initiated himself and has done it for years. Really all we are really talking about is natural healing through our energetic and emotional bodies. Which in my experience is not the case (having to be established by a teacher).

This type of healer typically uses his/her positive intention and energy to pass through another individual in order to clear out any kind of stagnant energies that may be built up in another. And it could be a quick fix for some situations (like lessening headaches or stomach aches). However not all the time it’s like this.

What are the differences of chakra and reiki healing

MikaousuiWhile I was looking into this, they both fall into the same lines of energy healing. So on a wide scale there really is no separation between the two terms. I just think they are just different expressions of energy healing. Which is wonderful.

Also chakra, for instance, are the energy pathways in which the energy body is made up of. Whereas Reiki is a method in which manipulates those energies in order to remove stagnant energies from specific locations in the body. This would be the same as “balancing chakras.”

Historically chakras have been talked about for some time, through the Vedas (the very first scriptures) which is around 1500-500 B.C. The Reiki method did not come into birth until around 1900 by Reiki creator Mikao Usui who through an extreme illness had visions of the enlightened master Buddha.

He went into studies around this time as well, with many of the Buddhist texts to what is now known as Reiki healing.

So we can now see that one originated in or around India and another realized from Japan from Buddhist texts, however reiki uses the chakra wheels as a means of healing.

Dont be misguided and learn reiki the easy way

Now there are tons of things out there that say you have to be attuned by an actual reiki master but what they’ve come to find out that, that is not actually true. Mikao Usuia, the reiki  creator did not learn it this way, and it is more a ploy to make a bundle of money off the people that feel that the extra time and money is worth it.

You can actually learn how to do reiki on your own without the initiation of a master.

Some of the major benefits that these type of energy healing classes usually provide one to become more open (and this could be just opening the heart chakra or becoming more compassionate through meditation) which leads to overall less stress in ones life. 

So if you plan on learning from a local teacher, that may suite you well. But I think learning on your own has it’s own perks like saving money and time. Both which will allot you freedom to do what you want throughout the day!

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Having An Empty Mind Is A Healthy Mind

how to empty your mind

img src Relaxing Music via flickr

It is often said by many meditation practitioners that to focus on stopping thoughts from going in and out. This often becomes a huge source of frustration for many. I think I could say with great confidence that most of us have what is called a “monkey mind” in which thoughts are going all over the place which makes it almost impossible to stop that momentum or to get caught up in thought. I’m actually going to talk about the empty mind and clear up some misunderstanding when it comes to this by talking about a few points,

  • What does it mean to have an empty mind
  • Getting into the feeling of emptiness
  • How to empty your mind

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